Florida Man’s Car Stolen While Feeding Cats, Leading To Rollover Crash; Suspect Hunted Down By K9s

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A recent crazy Florida carjacking began with cats, and ended with the hounds, with a rollover crash in between. Dave Losey, the owner of the Mobil gas station in Ormond Beach, recounted the unusual circumstances leading up to a recent carjacking. According to Losey, the suspect entered his store, claiming to have no money and asking for change for the bus. However, instead of waiting for a bus, the man seized an opportunity to steal a red Infiniti parked nearby. The car belonged to a regular customer, known for his daily visits to feed stray cats at the gas station. The owner left the car unlocked with the engine running, making it an easy target, and was a decision he would come to regret later.

The situation quickly escalated when the stolen vehicle was involved in a collision on Old Dixie Highway, resulting in the suspect’s white SUV flipping onto its roof, severely damaging another red sedan. SKYFOX aerial footage captured the aftermath of the crash, showing the chaotic scene with the overturned vehicle and debris scattered across the road.

Cyclist allegedly injures dogs during road rage attack.

In response, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office dispatched K-9 units to the scene. Following the crash, the suspect attempted to flee on foot, disappearing into the nearby woods. However, the K-9 deputies successfully tracked down the suspect, leading to his capture and arrest. The identity of the suspect has not been released at this time.

Source: Fox 35 Orlando

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