Georgia Cop Busts Alleged Police Impersonator

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It’s not uncommon for police impersonators to intentionally buy a car that’s the same model and even the same trim many law enforcement agencies use (although we’ve seen some hilarious examples of the opposite). But this alleged police impersonator went a step further, purchasing a retired patrol car perhaps with the hope people wouldn’t know the difference.

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The Georgia man was caught by police as he allegedly flashed emergency lights in a white Dodge Charger and so was pulled over in a business parking lot.

Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube
Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube

You probably already know, but for those who don’t, cops absolutely hate police impersonators. Not only do they pose a serious threat to the public, with some serial killers having used the ploy successfully, they also pose a serious danger to relations between law enforcement and the community.

In other words, while police will step carefully so they don’t get on the wrong side of the law when pulling over a suspected impersonator, they also will try to gather all the evidence they can so the nonsense is squashed.

The setup this guy has is good enough to fool most people. Not only does he have an array of strobing lights, he has the spotlight up front (which was probably already on the car), push bar, black steel wheels with chrome hubcaps, the works. He even has the ghost antenna on the trunk lid.

You’ll note the one thing the Charger is missing is any lettering identifying it as a police car.

As the officer steps up to the driver’s window, you see the alleged impersonator is wearing a uniform some would mistake as identifying him as law enforcement. But does all this mean he’s legally impersonating an officer of the law?

With the chief of police on the scene right after this guy’s pulled over, because that’s how serious the situation, the suspect explains he’s an “off-duty HERO” with Georgia Department of Transportation. 

For those who don’t know, HERO stands for Highway Emergency Response Operators. GDOT sends them to traffic incidents in the metro Atlanta area to help clear roads so the notoriously bad traffic doesn’t get even worse.

HEROs wear uniforms, radios, high-visibility vests, and drive trucks like roadside assistance crews in many other states. So what does this have to do with what this guy’s doing? That’s the real question.

This guy has all kinds of reasons to be using strobing red lights and looking like he’s a cop. He claims to have permits for the lights and says everything is for his personal business. But the real cops don’t seem convinced.

If you watch the video, which is pretty short, you see police go over the car, permits, and other details before letting the guy go. But he didn’t get off the hook, picking up a citation for operation of an emergency vehicle and a couple days after being arrested for a felony charge of impersonating a police officer.

Images via Law&Crime Network/YouTube

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