Oakland Deals With Multiple Street Takeovers, Several Cars Torched

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Police in Oakland played whack-a-mole with several street takeovers on the night of Friday, April 12. And while the local news said “several” suspects were arrested, that’s not much considering how many people were participating in the illegal gatherings.

Man brutally attacked at Oakland street takeover.

Yet again, torching cars was a big feature of these street takeover gatherings, as shown by local station KTVU. This complete destruction of vehicles at takeovers seems to be on the rise. Sadly, it makes sense since many of the cars used in takeovers are stolen and so participants are eager to destroy the evidence.

We think it’s fair to say Oakland Police Department isn’t being given the necessary resources to deal with street takeovers and other crimes in the city.

According to local reporter Henry K. Lee, who posted videos of the numerous street takeovers or sideshows on X, police dispersed them rapidly, some as quickly as ten minutes. But instead of stamping out the fire, they just spread it to other areas.

New takeovers at different intersections popped up almost as quickly as police broke them up. We’d be willing to bet a lot of the same people were at all of them, so breaking them up didn’t act as a deterrence from these kids to just go elsewhere and do it again.

In total, Lee accounted for five takeovers on the night of April 12, with the locations changing rapidly as police ended the fun at one location. These kids were obviously organized and ready to pop up their takeovers anywhere they pleased.

Lee also uploaded footage showing some of the street takeover drivers escaping with their cars by driving on a sidewalk and into a parking lot, making their way past the roadblock.

Finally, a patrol Ford Explorer blocks the sidewalk, but not before several cars make their escape. Oakland police need to keep this tactic in mind for future operations and cut that kind of escape path off.

Another video shared by Lee shows Oakland police blocking off a road with multiple patrol cars. This was apparently to keep the street participant’s vehicles contained. But an Infiniti rams its way through the blockade, later coming back and doing a U-turn in front of them seemingly to taunt police. And Oakland officers just watched him do it without giving chase – why aren’t criminals in the city scared of law enforcement?

Image via KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco/YouTube

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