Watch A Camaro Try Showing Florida Highway Patrol Who’s Boss

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Some people think their muscle car or other performance vehicle is so hot, and that they’re such a good driver, they don’t have to pull over for cops. This Chevy Camaro driver is obviously of that mindset which is why he tried taking a Florida trooper for quite the ride when the trooper initiated a traffic stop.

Florida trooper teaches an entitled woman a valuable life lesson.

Before the dashcam footage begins, we learn from the trooper’s report that the white Camaro and a black Camaro had been driving aggressively, speeding, and breaking all kinds of laws prior to the attempted traffic stop. Since the white Camaro was being more aggressive, the trooper singled it out.

Even though the guy at first isn’t complying and obviously is speeding up to try getting away, he still uses his turn signals. We’ve seen this sort of odd behavior before and honestly don’t understand it at all.

Suddenly he stops signaling and really drops the hammer, pulling away from the trooper. But the trooper keeps the suspect from increasing the gap too much, at least at first. Over time, the Camaro’s distinct taillights become distant points of light.

But the trooper still has eyes on the muscle car. Sure, he has to deal with people traveling at the same speed in three lanes and other hazards, but superior training and skills make short work of that.

Realizing he’s not losing the trooper on the highway, the Camaro driver exits and tries snaking around on surface streets. But all that does is allow the trooper to close the gap. Guess who’s better at sticking turns?

The suspect goes back to the highway, gaps the trooper again, then takes another exit. He does that dumb doubling back trick we’ve seen so often, blowing his lead again. Then he tries doing another U-turn with the trooper right behind him.

And that’s where the chase is over as the trooper gives the Camaro a nice love tap. The suspect thought he had skills but instead he just had dumb tricks.

Our apologies about the video quality – we don’t know what’s going on with FHP. Usually they have better video clarity and the cameras are stabilized, but the one on this cruiser for some reason is different. The video’s still interesting to watch, just at points the camera bounces a lot.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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