150 MPH Police Chase Ends In A Big Crash

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A suspect in North Carolina led state troopers on a chase which reached speeds of up to 150 mph. And while this was on a freeway, it was the type that has stop lights, heightening the danger not only for the suspect and law enforcement, but also innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, the whole thing ended in a multi-vehicle crash.

Watch police successfully deploy Tire Terminators to stop a car chase before it begins.

Reportedly, the chase started when a trooper noticed a white Dodge Challenger speeding and driving recklessly on N.C. Highway 87 in Harnett County, says WRAL. That trooper tried pulling the suspect over, who instead fled.

The chase ended up on N.C. Highway 24 in Cumberland County as the suspect pushed the Mopar muscle car to 150 mph.

Troopers were fearful the chase would end badly if they didn’t slow the suspect down, so one tried using a tire deflation device. Sadly, it didn’t work and one of the troopers was injured in the process, although it’s not clear how.

At the intersection of N.C. 24 and McKenzie Road the suspect collided with three other cars. In the chaos which ensued, he was able to slip away on foot, running into the woods behind a nearby bank. Despite using dogs and a helicopter, authorities couldn’t locate the man.

We know everyone thinks that with all the modern gadgets like infrared cameras police can track just about anyone. But that’s not always the case, as clearly illustrated here.

Two of the drivers involved in that crash were taken to the hospital and another suffered minor injuries. We hate seeing police chases end this way because it’s so unnecessary. But if you want to find someone to blame, look at the suspect. He was the one who made the decision to drive recklessly, speed, and not stop for police. Troopers were simply trying to stop him before he caused an accident like this or worse.

To the shock of nobody, troopers concluded the Dodge Challenger driven and crashed by the suspect had been stolen.

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