A Classic Ford Mustang Drives Into A Liquor Store

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Cars hit buildings fairly often, it’s just a sad part of reality. Sometimes these accidents are tragedies and sometimes they’re shockingly intentional. Then there’s this incident involving a classic Ford Mustang in Sacramento, California.

Suspect in a Dodge Charger can barely keep it under control in a wild police chase.

Of all the structures this pony car could hit, the driver had to ram into a liquor store. We feel like it’s the beginning of a dad joke, although it would only have been better if it were driven into a bar.

Still, there’s plenty of irony in the situation.

First of all, the classic car is sitting on the sidewalk right below a sign declaring no loitering is allowed. Second of all, authorities aren’t saying what caused the accident, but people are definitely speculating it was alcohol related. We can’t quite figure out why.

According to the Sacramento Sheriff, the incident in question happened on the night of June 2. The photo, which was also provided by the sheriff, shows the red Mustang embedded in the wall by the liquor store’s front door. It crashed into the bars over a large window, pushing those inside and no doubt breaking the glass.

Proving they don’t make them like they used to, the front end of the Mustang actually looks to be in good condition, at least from what we can see. Maybe a few dents need to be pounded out, but it might not have hurt the pony that much.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the crash and perhaps later will announce the cause. While it might have had nothing to do with intoxication, the announcement said the driver had been detained. Deputies probably wouldn’t have done that if this were the result of a medical emergency or putting the transmission into first instead of reverse. We think.

Finally, it can’t be a coincidence this was a red Mustang and the Kool Aid Man, who also likes bursting through walls, is red. The parallels are too much to not consider.

Image via sacsheriff/X

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