Violent California Street Takeovers Rock San Francisco And Oakland

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As the purported birthplace of street takeovers or sideshows, California’s Bay Area has consistently struggled with the illegal events. Over the weekend there were several violent gatherings in San Franscico and Oakland public roads, with at least one featuring the torching of a Chevy Camaro.

Watch authorities in Texas tow away street takeover cars like crazy.

Like what we’ve seen at many other street takeovers, at least one featured professional-grade fireworks. While police responded to the gatherings, we can almost guarantee most participants got away and those who didn’t will face light consequences, if any.

Footage shared by KPIX shows vehicles running into each other, bouncing off their rev limiters like crazy, and in general just getting thrashed. Tell us these little punks are car enthusiasts, because they’re the exact opposite. They destroy rides, which are often stolen, just for a cheap thrill and some social media attention.

What’s really hilarious is how ABC7 describes the Camaro as just suddenly catching on fire. We don’t think the car just burst into flames and the crowd decided to pose on top of it. Everyone knows one of the little street takeover dorks set it on fire and it’s likely stolen, but some like to pretend these gatherings are all just innocent fun.

And that’s part of the problem. We guess if you don’t acknowledge street takeovers not only are dangerous and rip apart city infrastructure, they’re also magnets for drug deals, human trafficking, shootings, lootings, and other illegal activities, you can just keep pretending things aren’t all that bad. And you’ll never solve the problem without acknowledging the full scope of it.

Don’t let your kids go to these events. People are killed at them and seriously injured. Those types of stories don’t get highlighted enough in the media – draw your own conclusions about why that might be. But street takeovers or sideshows are incredibly risky to attend since violence reigns supreme and the mob mentality often dictates behavior.

Image via ABC7 News Bay Area/YouTube

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