Rental Lamborghini Urus Runs From Florida Police

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The Lambo got completely thrashed!

Dramatic aerial footage showed police in Miami-Dade, Florida pursuing a rental Lamborghini Urus on the freeway August 8. The driver, who had rented the luxury SUV, snaked through traffic at high speeds, at one point hitting the corner of a wrecker, smashing the passenger-side A-pillar, windshield, and more in a desperate attempt to get away.

Watch the critical mistake a fleeing suspect made here.

Perhaps realizing not only that he sucks at driving but also that the Lambo was done, the suspect stopped suddenly on the side of the road. Then he got out, threw a jacket and hat on the ground, and seemed to be talking on the phone. Maybe he was calling his attorney to ask for advice on surrendering? Whomever he was calling, the suspect gave up without any resistance.

According to NBC Miami, a Miami-Dade Aviation police unit first spotted the Lamborghini Urus speeding and driving recklessly, alerting ground units in the area. When cruisers tried pulling the SUV over, the driver really took off, leading police on a short but chaotic chase.

Police claim the Lambo hit three different vehicles at three different spots. Initial reports claim one of the cars the suspect hit belongs to a federal agent, although confirmation of that hasn’t been given by authorities. There are also zero reports of injuries from those collisions.

There’s also zero indication of why the suspect was driving recklessly and ran from police. We’re not quite sure, other than for the thrill, why anyone would rent a Lamborghini, then use it to lead police on a high-speed chase.

We’re sure the owner of the car rental company is dealing with plenty of headaches as he files an insurance claim and figures out what to do with the wrecked Urus. Considering they retail for $230,000 or more new, we hope his insurance plan covers the costs of repairs or replacement.

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