Electric Cars In Germany Are Getting Expensive To Charge

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This defeats a major talking point used to promote EV technology.

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For years electric car enthusiasts have been incredibly smug about the lower costs associated with their vehicle of choice (never mind that the acquisition costs exclude most of the population). Pretty much everyone has seen the quippy personalized plates like “GASLOL” to taunt all the plebs who haven’t made the switch. Well, who’s laughing now?

Watch Porsche beat Tesla’s track record here.

Auto Bild ran a cost analysis of nine EVs, concluding that while the operating expenses still beat ICE vehicles, that advantage is quickly disappearing. In fact, if the cost of electricity in Germany continues on its current trajectory, electric cars could become significantly more expensive to run.

Recall when German leaders mocked Donald Trump for warning them about relying on Russian energy. They most definitely won’t eat crow and admit they were wrong. Remember how Germany was held up by the media as a shining example of “green” energy, shaming anyone who wasn’t onboard with shutting down nuclear power facilities and especially coal-burning plants in favor of installing more solar panels and windmills like the Germans. There will be zero retractions or apologies. Instead, expecting the shaming to become even more shrill.

Check out the Auto Bild article for yourself here.

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