Dodge Charger Airport Runway Police Chase Driver Gets Prison

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He gave it a good shot and in the end met the consequences of his actions.  

Back in February 2022 a man in Kansas City led police on a dramatic chase down the airport runway using his Dodge Charger. We don’t think this move was inspired by the Fast and Furious movies, but rather was fueled by meth. The man, 35-year-old Efren Torres-Rodriguez, is now facing the consequences of his actions in the form of a 6.5-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole, says KCTV5.

Suspect runs from police, crashes and ejects through windshield.

The Olathe, Kansas man was found unresponsive in his Dodge Charger what was idling near one of the gates at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. Officers couldn’t wake him, but the doors were unlocked so they reached in and turned off the engine. That woke up Torres-Rodriguez, who then refused to get out as ordered by police.

Instead, the man thought it was best to speed off, smashing through a gate to the runway where he opened up the throttle and led police on a chase at about 100 mph. The problem of running away from police at an airport is eventually you run out of runway. And this guy forgot the part where he’s supposed to climb onto an airplane just as it’s lifting off. Just to be clear, we’re not telling anyone to do that, it’s just a joke.

Torres-Rodriguez instead tried driving his car across a grassy area. However, Dodge Chargers are rather portly things and we imagine the grass was rather mushy, so the Mopar got hopelessly stuck. Meth certainly doesn’t make you think clearly, despite what users might claim.

Police arrested the man, finding 4.6 grams on meth on him along with a handgun and drug paraphernalia. And all the chaos caused flight delays, including keep one plane circling in the air for an additional 40 minutes. We’re sure all the passengers would love to personally thank Torres-Rodriguez for his crappy impersonation of Vin Diesel but he’ll instead be explaining himself to his new cellmate “Cookie.”

Don’t run from the police and don’t do meth, kiddies.

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