Nebraska Police Bust Bull For Riding Shotgun

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What a bunch of killjoys!

Police in Norfolk, Nebraska recently received an unusual call about someone driving down the road with a bull in the front passenger seat. We don’t know why someone would call the police about such a thing, because quite frankly that seems akin to asking for the manager because you don’t like the way a fast food employee handed over your bag of trans fats, but that person did and the driver along with his bull got busted.

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The man was tooling around town with his pet adult Watusi bull named Howdy Doody when a police officer pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. As you can see from images of the car, the guy used corral fencing and cut off part of the former police car’s roof, windshield, and other structural members to allow his bovine friend to ride shotgun. We think that’s rather resourceful and ingenious, but obviously not everyone agrees.

We wonder how many times this man had driven around the area with Howdy Doody and how many smiles he brought to people’s faces. And how many people instead of picking up their phone to dial 911 instead took a photo and went on with their day.

Instead, this time a roadway hall monitor or maybe HOA president saw an opportunity to ruin the fun for everyone, Howdy Doody included. According to News Channel Nebraska, police “addressed some traffic violations” as a result.

Thankfully the officer who pulled the man and his bull over didn’t slap him with a bunch of violations. Instead, the man was issued a warning, asking the guy to drive out of Norfolk along with the bull he didn’t ride in on.

It sounds like Howdy Doody’s owner isn’t from the city, so he’s used to people not being so uptight and into enforcing rules everywhere. As for the person who called police, they probably are enraged Howdy Doody wasn’t impounded and the man arrested. Pathetic.

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