The Blackout Dodge Charger Gets Away Yet Again

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People thought the infamous Blackout Charger was finally history, but the Mopar muscle car that keeps evading cops in Arkansas has emerged once more. This time it slipped away from a Little Rock Police Department officer who tried busting it on city streets.

Watch a white Dodge Charger try blacking out to slip away into the night here.

As you can see in the dashcam footage, the officer was just cruising along a four-lane road with quite the concentration of Dodge Chargers all going in the same direction. While we know these cars are popular in places like Little Rock, this seems a little suspicious. Perhaps the Blackout Charger owner is part of some sort of club.

Anyway, the officer spots the infamous Mopar muscle car and starts trying to chase it. We imagine every cop in the area knows all about this vehicle and there’s some sort of bounty on it. Yet it just keeps slipping away and this time is certainly no exception.

True to its name, the Blackout Dodge Charger is driving with its lights shut off. The officer speeds up to catch up, blowing through a red light, only to give himself away by turning on his roof lights as he’s a couple hundred feet away.

Even if the officer had come within twenty feet of this suspect, we still think he stood no chance. The Blackout Charger just charged ahead in the right lane, blasting past all the other Mopars that seemed to be cruising together, slipping away into the night.

The only thing that the Blackout Charger driver could do to disappear faster would be installing some sort of brake light disconnect so those don’t illuminate while he’s fleeing. That would be incredibly dangerous, but he’s already doing risky things behind the wheel.

While we certainly don’t endorse anyone running from the cops, it is quite amazing to see the Blackout Charger do its thing. The driver is fantastic behind the wheel, making us wonder if he has any formal training (or is it a woman?). As for the Mopar itself, it’s got plenty of get-up-and-go, always leaving the police eating its dust with little effort.

Check out this brief encounter for yourself.

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