This Is Why You Should Have A Dashcam

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We don’t need to tell you that far too many drivers these days are behaving recklessly for whatever reason(s) since you probably witness it regularly. And if you think that isn’t true, well then you’re probably the one giving everyone else on the road a heart attack. Thankfully this young driver or someone who loves her was wise enough to install not only a forward-facing dashcam on her car but also a rear-facing camera, recording this brutal accident.

Watch police chase down a reckless U-Haul driver.

It’s fortunate because the girl, in our opinion and the opinion of many people on X who viewed this video, did nothing wrong. She’s in the left lane on the highway and sees a Dodge Charger approach, so she signals to move to the next lane over. But as she’s doing that, her blindspot monitor indicates there’s something in the next lane, so she stops after barely crossing the lane markings.

However, the rather impatient Mopar driver guns it and starts passing her anyway, so when she stops the lane transition to avoid an accident, the other driver swerves into the center median (or emergency lane as some call it).

With that surge of speed, the Charger blasts past the girl’s car. But some inconsiderate road engineer put a pillar in the way, causing the Mopar driver to crash, the back end coming around and striking the front end of the other vehicle, which then veers off the right shoulder.

Fortunately, it looks like both girls in the one car are okay. However, without a dashcam they’d have fun explaining to a cop how rear-ending the Charger wasn’t their fault. But with this video record the rather unusual accident details are verified, avoiding the he-says-she-says battle.

This is why we recommend running a dashcam in your vehicle. And we definitely recommend doing one with front and rear cameras while you’re at it. Without a dashcam, it’s quite possible this girl would’ve been cited by police and blamed for the entire accident.

Check out the crash for yourself.

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