Suspect Crashes Tarp-Covered Stolen Hyundai In Short Police Chase

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Car thieves can be pretty crazy and unpredictable, like the entire state of Florida. However, this story of a guy who sped away from police in a stolen Hyundai covered with a tarp doesn’t come out of the Sunshine State but instead happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch a car get stolen as the owner fills up the tires.

That’s right, Sin City where the world goes to play and not talk about whatever happened is also the scene of many other crimes. Among them is a fair amount of car theft. One victim somehow tracked their 2017 Hyundai Accent down after it was swiped, finding it at the back of an apartment complex, a tarp thrown over it, says Fox 5 Vegas.

Usually stolen cars like these are abandoned in a public lot for a bit to see if the owner uses a tracker and comes for it. But the owner smartly called police, with an officer showing up to check out the ride. And that’s when the cop spotted a guy sleeping in the driver’s seat. The officer observed a screwdriver was jammed in the ignition.

After he called for backup and other police units showed up, the suspect woke up, started the car, and drove off blindly, the tarp covering up the windshield. We guess he didn’t try driving like Ace Ventura because he hit a police cruiser and a garbage container, then crashed into a gate and finally a wall, disabling the Hyundai.

We wish the dashcam and bodycam footage of this scene were available right now, because it sounds like pure chaos. The suspect ran off on foot, but police found him hiding under a mattress in an open lot. They also found a glass pipe with some burnt residue on it in the Hyundai.

This should be a reminder if you have one of the Hyundais or Kias that’s been recalled for a lack of an engine immobilizer, you should get that fixed before it’s stolen by someone like this guy.

Image via Fox 5 Vegas

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