Suspect In Georgia Police Chase Pulls Out An AK

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We’ve mocked suspects in the past for running from the cops while driving a Nissan Sentra. However, this suspect in Georgia decided to bring along a little something extra in case his gerbil-powered sedan couldn’t get away: an AK. The dashcam video’s kinda grainy so everyone can debate if the guy wields an AK-47 or an AK-74 – it doesn’t really matter in the end because both can be lethal in their own special way.

Watch another police chase turn into a gunfight.

The chase and subsequent shootout went down in April 2021 in Carroll County, Georgia which is west of Atlanta. A trooper clocked the Sentra blasting down the interstate at over 100 mph. We truly don’t understand why people who have warrants, are trafficking drugs, or doing other illegal things speed on public roads since it’s a great way to get pulled over and caught.

 At first the driver of the Nissan didn’t want to pull over, but he eventually did. Then the suspects do the old trick of speeding off just as the trooper approaches on foot. Not shockingly, the little four-banger couldn’t just smoke the trooper, who did one PIT as the suspect pirouetted gracefully out of it and keeps going.

That’s when the passenger decided to pull out his AK to even the odds. Police followed at a distance, with a sergeant making sure his officers didn’t get too close. Sadly, that same sergeant was shot at, one of the rounds striking him in the head and he crashed his patrol car into a pole afterward.

Many law enforcement officers who were on the scene had only pistols, a poor match against the AK. You can see in the footage another officer get pinned down in front of his car. The suspect was able to advance, flushing the officer out, who was then shot as well. It’s a tragic scene.

One other officer was shot during the firefight. However, the armed suspect was shot dead, while his brother, the driver eventually was sentenced to life in prison.

This incident shows how a routine traffic stop can escalate into a deadly situation independent of how police handle the situation.

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