Fentanyl Trafficker In BMW Gets Taken Down

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We wish the old saying that “crime doesn’t pay” were entirely true, but it obviously does, at least in the short run. Take this alleged fentanyl trafficker rolling hard in a BMW X5. He uses the Autobahn capabilities of this Teutonic SUV to his full benefit as Florida troopers try to stop him before he gets away.

Watch a Honda Civic get launched hard in a brutal PIT.

With excellent stability and a solid curb weight, this suspect is able to keep going even as troopers PIT his Bimmer over and over. And while he keeps driving down the median and road, he appears to be throwing guns and maybe some other evidence out of the vehicle.

Considering how much of a problem fentanyl has become in many communities, we don’t expect a lot of people will feel sorry for anyone who traffics the stuff. After all, it destroys lives and leaves loved ones to pick up the pieces. While people like this suspect might be making all kinds of money off its sale, the social and economic toll on this nation is horrific.

Eventually the pursuing trooper is able to do a PIT that spins the BMW out hard enough the driver can’t recover before a second trooper pulls up and holds everyone in the vehicle at gunpoint. This suspect lived the high life for a bit but the X5 and other things likely are gone forever, so in the long run crime doesn’t truly pay.

It’s worth noting that as this suspect swerves from one lane to the next in his Bimmer, he doesn’t signal. Even under the best of circumstances that seems to be the norm for the Bavarian crowd, so we wonder if police added that to the list of charges or not.

Also, this is yet another video out of Florida showing drivers just staying in the left lane as police come up with their lights and sirens going. This seems to be a real problem in the state.

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