Man Shows Up To Court In Stolen Car

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The sad truth is many criminals just don’t think things through and instead just act spontaneously. That’s the only explanation we have for why a guy in Tennessee showed up for his court hearing for theft driving a stolen car.

Teen car thieves picked up by adult in stolen car.

Authorities say 38-year-old Patrick Harlow parked the stolen vehicle in a lot in front of the Hamilton County Courts Building, which is located in Chattanooga, then walked inside for his day in court. That might sound absolutely crazy, and it is, but Harlow left behind some evidence to help link him to the vehicle.

As Dayton 24/7 Now reports, a sheriff’s deputy received a hit on a plate reader the morning of January 23, indicating a vehicle which had been stolen in city limits was detected driving in the area. After performing a search of the area, the deputy located the car in the parking lot.

While going through the interior, the deputy found a Tennessee state ID in the center console. And wouldn’t you know it, Harlow’s name and photo were on it. Talk about handing the evidence over to law enforcement.

We can’t imagine how amused investigators were when they tracked Harlow down to the courthouse, learning he was already in custody thanks to the other theft case. Instead of being cooperative, Harlow reportedly wouldn’t say what vehicle he drove to the courthouse. With leaving his ID inside the one vehicle, we think prosecutors can put together a pretty convincing case for a judge.

Now Harlow is facing a new theft of property over $10,000 charge, complicating his life. He needs to learn that while earning your way is harder, it’s how people stay out of jail and don’t lose everything in an instant when the cops show up.

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