Driver Moves Road Closed Sign, Falls In Hole

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There’s a road in Tillamook County, Oregon that has a large hole thanks to soil erosion. The problem has necessitated the road’s closure for some time now, but officials say people keep moving the closure signs so they can drive through despite the danger. Well, one driver ended up falling into the hole in the road, a thing which sadly was bound to happen sooner or later.

This U-Haul thief just doesn’t know when to give up.

By the time deputies, firefighters, and EMTs responded to the scene just as after 8 am on January 21, the vehicle not only was upside down in the rather large hole, it was also on fire. Fortunately, nobody was inside. Instead, the occupant or occupants took off long before authorities arrived, meaning there was nobody to rescue.

Around an hour later, things started to add up. The owner of the crashed car called 911 to report it had been stolen in the early morning. Where the vehicle had been stolen was about five miles away, so it’s obvious the thief (or thieves) decided to take a shortcut after committing their crime, only to crash and burn their quarry.

Criminals aren’t known for being super smart, so it doesn’t surprise us they would move a sign announcing a road is closed, then drive right into a giant hole. But what about the other people moving the sign so they can cut through as well? It sounds like authorities need to invest in some heavy concrete barriers instead of relying on flimsy road signs.

And that’s exactly what the plan is now, says Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office. The barriers are scheduled to be installed any time now, so hopefully that puts an end to the foolishness. We’re sure some car thieves will do something equally as dumb soon enough.

Images via Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office

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