Dodge Charger Gets Itself Suspended On Electrical Wires

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The old, tired joke is that Ford Mustangs plow into crowds, buildings, and utility poles constantly. Look, the pony car’s fans are sick of this stereotype for many valid reasons, one of them being they’re overly sensitive but also because other muscle cars and even some sports cars and supercars do this same thing in relative numbers. We add to the pool of evidence this Dodge Charger which crashed onto the guy lines of an electrical pole in Arizona.

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Look how ridiculous the Mopar looks! It thinks it’s a Mustang! Everyone laugh! Yuck it up now, Mustang fans, because one of your beloved pony cars will be featured sticking out of someone’s house or mangling little Gen Z car fans taking video of rides leaving some meet in the near future.

This acrobatic feat, which seems to defy the laws of physics, was the result of an accident on the morning of January 20, according to the City of Yuma Fire Department. Probably out of a sheer adrenaline rush, both people in the Mopar muscle car were able to get out before fire crews arrived, making the small jump to safety.

To get the Charger off the guy lines, firefighters had to first deal with the fact the driver left the car in reverse with the rear tires still rotating. To even attempt getting into the car to turn off the engine and take it out of gear, they first had to stabilize it using struts, something we’ve seen deployed in rollovers and other vehicle rescues.

Maybe the driver and passenger can laugh at the situation now and feel a little lucky they weren’t badly injured, but at the time of the accident we bet they were pretty shaken. Now, just wait for a Mustang driver to top this trick in the near future.

Images via City of Yuma Fire Department.

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