Guy Says He Stole A Car To Keep Warm

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Criminals are masters of making excuses. Nothing seems to be their fault, they’re constantly portraying themselves as victims acted upon by circumstances over which they have no control. But police and others who work with them should recognize this, and that’s probably why police in Memphis, Tennessee had no problem arresting a guy who said he stole a Nissan Maxima to stay warm during the cold snap.

Watch a guy shoot at the repo man as his car is taken away.

First off, he broke into the Maxima by smashing one of the rear windows. If one wanted to stay warm, breaking a window would be a horrible way to do it. Also, cars only stay warm in frigid temperatures if they keep running. The guy’s story breaks down quickly upon any real scrutiny.

It gets even better: according to a report from local news station Fox 13, police believe he went on to use the Nissan to drive to different areas in Memphis and break into more cars. He allegedly stole cell phones and other items, we’re sure all in an effort to stay warm.

When police finally tracked down the stolen Maxima at a house, they tailed it with some squad cars but the suspect spotted them and tried to run. In the process the Nissan hit a patch of ice and the guy spun out, crashing into one of the cop cars. Officers found a glass breaker tool on him plus an ID and debit card along with other belongings stolen out of cars.

While police arrested this suspect, it’s not a guarantee the prosecutor will pursue charges or that the judge won’t go soft on him. If either happens, expect this guy to go back to stealing cars using his glass breaker and making excuses the next time he’s caught.

Image via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

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