Fentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Recklessly And Plays Dumb

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We’ve known some girls/women who openly brag about manipulating police officers who pull them over by intentionally acting like complete airheads. Everyone can debate about whether that or pulling the screeching Karen routine is worse – we find them to be equally annoying. This girl driving a Ford Mustang goes with the ditz routine, but as the deputy questions her the façade starts falling apart.

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She doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, saying something about talking to “another cop at Walmart” and he supposedly said she “was good.” What does that even mean? The deputy doesn’t know and smartly doesn’t let that become a distraction.

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This girl says she’s having a hard day after getting fired from a job she claims to have held for a while. That apparently to her is an excuse for flattening a traffic sign and driving off. For good measure she starts crying and mentioning again what a bad day she’s been having.

As questioning begins after reading Miranda rights, this suspect volunteers to do testing to prove she’s not under the influence. Still, something definitely seems off about her speech patterns and motor skills. She’s also super emotional, suddenly breaking out into tears multiple times.

While Mustang girl is doing a field sobriety test with one deputy and struggles to walk a straight line, two others find pills and powder in her stuff she handed over to them. Immediately, they suspect meth and run a field test, which comes back negative.

After she fails the field sobriety test and is arrested for driving under the influence, it’s revealed that the substance deputies found tested positive for fentanyl. This is a problem that so many Americans are unfortunately dealing with. We hope this girl and anyone else with an addiction problem gets help and has the wherewithal to make it to sobriety and stick with that lifestyle. That alone could help significantly cut down on road fatalities in this country.

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