Another Dodge Charger Gets Wrecked During Police Chase

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A Florida Highway Patrol trooper’s attention was initially caught by the loud exhaust on this modified Dodge Charger, which immediately started speeding after the traffic light turned green, then started breaking all kinds of traffic laws. That resulted in quite the chase caught on dashcam.

Watch a Chrysler 200 go flying through the air in a wild police chase.

We see this Mopar muscle car with an exhaust and who knows what else gap the trooper repeatedly as the chase progresses. Still, he at first has real trouble shaking the trooper, despite doing U-turns and trying to drive through soggy grass.

However, once he’s on larger roads with longer uninterrupted straightaways this guy really punches it, gapping the trooper more than before. But even with whatever mods he’s running, it’s just not enough to completely lose his pursuer as he tries doing another U-turn to fake out the police.

Even though this suspect seems to struggle wrangling his Mopar through turns, he’s able to navigate a roundabout without too much trouble. That’s surprising considering we’ve seen those singlehandedly end police chases in the past.

What really blows our mind about this and other police chases is how the suspect keeps pulling the same “trick” to ditch the cops even though it obviously isn’t working. In this case it’s the U-turns. Why does this guy think that’s so clever? Why does he keep doing them?

This trooper must have ice in his veins because he keeps on the suspect even after multiple close calls. While the suspect likely has the faster Charger, the trooper just plain outdrives him, finally closing the gap completely and executing a flawless PIT, sending the suspect careering onto the shoulder and into some trees. And just like that, another modern Mopar muscle car heads to the trash heap, a sad reality of the criminal element of society favoring cheap speed.

And yet again in a Florida police chase video we see people struggling to let the trooper through. While some do make an effort, others just doggedly stay in their lane. This seems to be a real problem in the Sunshine State.

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