Suspect In U-Haul Van Doesn’t Know When To Give Up

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Some people just don’t know when to give up, or like the great Kenny Rogers said, “you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” This suspect fleeing from Florida Highway Patrol on the Florida Turnpike in Miami-Dade should’ve folded and just pulled over. Instead, he racks up the damages and criminal charges while putting quite the show.

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We wouldn’t think a U-Haul van would be capable of so much destruction, but we also have always been scared to death of incurring fines and so have treated such rentals with extreme care. But this guy stole the van and seems to think if he keeps driving it like a maniac he’ll get away and face no consequences.

Instead, he picks up quite the tail of not only FHP but also deputies all trailing behind. The driver of our camera car is pretty annoyed he can’t get past them all to go PIT out the suspect, demonstrating some operational tension between the law enforcement agencies.

When he finally catches up with the van, another FHP unit is right behind the suspect. And we see the front driver’s side tire is blown out, either from hitting a curb or perhaps a successful spike strip deployment. But the absence of rubber doesn’t really seem to slow the van down much, the first big sign this suspect won’t give up easily.

Finally, the lead Charger does a brutal PIT, the rental van veering to the right and hitting the barrier. But the suspect keeps going. A second PIT nets the same results. The U-Haul is taking a beating but just somehow stays in the fight.

Even after the driver’s side front tire comes off, this suspect keeps pushing the van forward. Obviously for all intents and purposes the chase is over at that point, but this guy is beyond determined, he’s stubborn.

Troopers PIT him again, and without front tires the van spins 180 degrees, then rams into our camera car head-on. Undeterred, the suspect hits reverse and takes an orange cone along for the wild ride, scraping against the highway barrier until FHP pins him in at both ends.

The video goes on to show the chase from other dashcams, but at this point we can say this chase shows that if you doggedly pursue your goals and those goals are to commit crimes you will eventually get beat down so hard you’ll be arrested and pick up extra charges and probably an order of restitution. It’s best to just stay within the confines of the law and not steal U-Haul vans or anything else.

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