Man Has His Car Stolen And Is Arrested By Police

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Usually when you call police and report that your car’s been stolen you’re not the one to get slapped in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. But that’s exactly what happened to a man in Raeford, North Carolina and he only has himself to blame. Let this be a lesson to everyone else: be careful what you say to cops.

Owner of stolen car flees from police and gets arrested.

After information about the stolen vehicle was disseminated to local law enforcement, Hoke County Sheriff’s Deputies located it and performed a traffic stop, successfully recovering the car. That should’ve been the end of the story, other than a reunification of the vehicle with its owner, but it wasn’t.

Upon arresting those inside the stolen car, deputies spotted a pill bottle in the vehicle, but it didn’t have a wrapped around it as well as some devil’s lettuce in another container. Not too long after, the car’s owner, one Travis Levon Paige, arrived on the scene, likely eager to get his ride back.

Things took a turn when Paige told deputies the pot and pills they found was in fact his instead of claiming the thieves must’ve stashed the stuff in his vehicle. Detectives determined the unlabeled pills were oxycodone.

And so Paige was arrested and taken to jail right after the people who were found in his stolen car went through the same process. We guess this is what cops call a two for one or something.

We’re not telling anyone to lie to police, that’s just plain dumb. But we will say that keeping illegal items like this in your car comes with a lot of risk. Even if you don’t get pulled over for speeding or something else, if your ride is stolen like so many are these days, police might find that illegal stuff and connect it to you somehow.

Image via Hoke County Sheriff’s Office

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