Street Takeover Bumper Cars Video Is Troubling

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A video posted recently to X (formerly called Twitter) shows yet another street takeover event, only worse than some others we’ve seen in the recent past. It and a few other incidents lead us to believe the street takeover trend is worsening as those who attend these illegal gatherings are going to greater lengths to get some sort of adrenaline buzz.

A street takeover organizer has been charged with felony vandalism.

The main part of the video shows a pickup truck drifting around in the shutdown intersection, some geniuses riding in the bed like that’s a great idea. We’ve seen vehicles roll and seriously injure people hanging out windows, so a payload is definitely safe.

After the truck stops drifting, another car comes into frame and it does a really lame drift, then smacks right into the front fender of the truck. We’re guessing the pickup wasn’t stolen but instead the driver stupidly brought his own vehicle to the sideshow, because he gets mad and starts chasing the car, ramming it from behind as it crashes into some vehicles parked on the side of the road.

So just in this short sequence we see several vehicles incur collision damage. And people wonder why insurance rates are so high.

But wait, there’s more. It’s hard to miss the burning vehicle at the beginning of the video, making us recall that awful Corvette torching recently. But you might notice yet another burning car in the background. It seems these two cars have been stationed to help block off the intersection. Perhaps they act as a warning to any regular people who might try to drive through or otherwise disrupt the illegal fun?

We’ve noticed burning vehicles is becoming a regular thing at a lot of takeovers. Shootings are another fairly common fixture, as are shooting fireworks at people/vehicles. Street takeovers have always been dumb and dangerous, but it seems the danger aspect is increasing.

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