Dodge Challenger Wrecks Several Lucid EVs

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A video of the aftermath of a Dodge Challenger bowling through four parked Lucid Air EVs in Houston has been making the rounds on social media. Opinions about the crash pretty much cut along how people feel about muscle cars and electric vehicles. But the most shocking part about the accident is the fact it might have done somewhere around half a million dollars in damage.

This is why you move over for cops.

Allegedly, the Challenger was speeding along a feeder road to Interstate 45 when the driver lost control, strafed into the parking lot where four Lucids were sitting next to each other, and just tore into the EVs. Thankfully, none of the cars appear to have burst into flames but at least two of the Airs do look badly damaged, so they might be totaled.

Exactly what caused the Dodge driver to lose control isn’t apparent. Some auto publications and people on social media are acting like anyone who drives such a vehicle can’t handle it properly and does reckless things constantly, so that’s the assumed cause of this crash.

We don’t know details about any of the cars involved, so the exact total in damages is questionable. While some are claiming the Mopar was a V8 model, that leaves a broad range of values for it. Then there are the Lucids which start at $74,900 currently but the price can bloat significantly depending on features added.

It’s also not clear why all those Lucids were parked next to each other. We’re sure the police tried to sort things out and now the insurance companies are digging further into the details. All we can say is this serves as an excellent reminder to stay well within your limits on public roads. Hot dogging around, if in fact that’s what caused this crash, can come with serious financial and legal consequences.

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