Police Say Fatal Hit-And-Run Suspect Lied About Carjacking

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Police in Dallas say a man who reported that he was carjacked after his vehicle was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident lied and was driving his own car. They claim that instead of just staying on the scene and dealing with the consequences of his actions, he made several more poor decisions, making the situation even worse.

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As covered by Fox 4, Billy Williamson is the suspect in a violent crash that killed Maria Guerrero, allegedly fleeing the scene on foot. Investigators say he then called 911 to report that he’d been carjacked at gunpoint in a wild scheme to get out of the fatal collision’s consequences.

Reportedly, Williamson was speeding when he lost control of his Chevy Tahoe, hit a curb, rolled, hitting a Toyota Corolla sitting at a red light. You can see from the aftermath of the collision it was severe and surely the person behind the wheel of the Tahoe knew it was serious, which is presumably why that person ran away.

Investigators became suspicious Williamson was lying when witnesses at the crash scene described the man who ran away wearing the same clothes Williamson had on. Those same witnesses said the suspect was bleeding from the head, and wouldn’t you know it, Willamson had obvious head wounds – what a coincidence!

While we can’t say for sure that Williamson is guilty – that’s up to a judge and possibly jury – we can say that from the police report it sounds like the guy believes the cops are dumber than he is. What’s tragic is his reckless stupidity allegedly killed a woman and he couldn’t even take responsibility.

Guerrero’s family said she tragically was heading home from work and wasn’t that far away when her life was taken.

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