Instacart Carjacking Shocks Charlotte

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Unfortunately, delivery drivers have been the targets of carjackers for some time. It’s happened again, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina and has left the community in shock in part because the suspect, an 18-year-old, later crashed while fleeing from police and died.

Texas teen shot dead in road rage incident.

The incident in question happened at about 9 pm on January 14. A woman said she was driving her 2020 Dodge Challenger to do Instacart deliveries when the suspect pulled out a gun and took it from her near a Publix grocery store, reports WSOC-TV.

Audio from the woman’s panicked 911 call reveals the carjacker waited in the Mopar’s backseat, then grabbed her from behind and demanded the car keys. Thankfully, when she complied the teenager didn’t hurt her and she was able to get out of the muscle car before he took off.

Police spotted the Dodge and gave chase. Rather than surrendering, the 18-year-old tried pushing the envelope and found where his driving skills were exceeded, crashing on a ramp to the interstate. It was a senseless end to a senseless crime.

This confirms what we’ve suspect for a while, that most “normies” don’t realize just how normal car theft and in particular carjackings have become. So perhaps this will be a wakeup call for the Charlotte community so they can address how to effectively combat theft, especially when it involves robbery at gunpoint.

Unfortunately, especially if a you drive a flashier power/expensive vehicle, including a muscle car, you have to be prepared for thieves to try stealing that. If they can’t take it while it’s parked, they might decide to use a weapon to threaten you, then just steal the key. That’s a scary situation for anyone to be involved in.

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