Teens Laugh After Crashing Kia Into Los Angeles Storefront

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Some teenagers were pursued last week by police in a Kia Soul believed to have been stolen. During the chase, the suspects crashed the vehicle through a flower shop storefront, then slowly emerged and were arrested. Video taken by OnSceneTV shows the teenagers smiling and laughing during their arrests, not to mention flashing hand signs. Clearly, these kids know the system is a joke.

Watch a 12-year-old lead police on a chase that ends in a big crash here.

We’re not poking fun at the Los Angeles Police Department, although it has its fair share of problems. Instead, the big problem in Los Angeles and far too many cities resides in the district attorney’s office. George Gascon and his team have cut sweetheart deals for not only car thieves but even violent offenders, like the guy who used a stolen car to run over a mother and her baby, then got sent to essentially a summer camp as a joke of a punishment.

It seems most of these kids know next to nothing if not absolutely nothing will happen to them. If only the owner of the flower shop were so lucky. After all, even in more aggressive jurisdictions minors are treated lightly compared to adults, although in some they would be facing some fairly stiff consequences for something like this. But in places with a limp noodle district attorney, they might be let go with a warning and be able to turn around and sue the officers for tightening the handcuffs too much. We’re only slightly joking.

Most of these kids seem quite familiar with the process of getting arrested, even if they’re not horribly good at knowing the difference between their left and right. One without being told crosses his legs at the ankles after laying on the ground, interlacing his fingers behind his head. It’s almost like this process is routine or something.

Sadly, there’s a good chance this Kia Soul has been stolen, maybe even by these kids and that they’ve stolen other vehicles. While some kids are worrying about which game to play with friends online or getting into a good career field, others are more concerned with stealing property, having fun at other people’s expense, documenting it all on social media, then laughing when the consequences are a joke. It’s a game to far too many kids and even adults, which is why car theft and other crimes have become such a rampant problem in so many areas.

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