UK Man Wrecks Out Speeding On Donut Spare

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We can’t count how many times we’ve seen people blasting down the freeway on a donut spare. Usually they’re in a Nissan Altima, Ford Focus, or something like that, duct tape holding on part of the bumper as the chassis under cladding is scraping on the road and untold fluids are gushing through the suspension components. It’s as if bad decisions were physically embodied in a single car.

Watch UK police chase down a stolen Range Rover with a crazy ending here.

A 22-year-old man in the UK also decided to go freeway speeds on a donut spare, causing him to lose control, crash, and face an array of legal consequences. Let this be a lesson to everyone: donut spares are meant to be used just to get to a tire shop, and not at freeway speeds.

Police shared dashcam footage of the incident, which took place back on December 20, 2022. Jack Doolan was pushing his Ford Mondeo to over 75 mph on a donut spare that had the very large, clear warning label to not exceed 50 mph.

Ignoring that warning, which clearly he shouldn’t have, he cut in front of a the car running the dashcam when the rear end of the Ford started to wobble. Instead of slowing down and reigning it in, it appears the guy overcorrected, veering left and hitting the front end of another vehicle with the rear of his car as he attempted to not hit the barrier on the side of the road.

Then he appears to have overcorrected again, slamming into the median divider before slowing down and regaining control of the car. This, kiddies, is why you don’t speed around town on your donut spare tire.

On October 2, Doolan finally learned his fate, getting hit with a two-year license suspension. He also has to do 200 hours of “unpaid work” over a 12-month period, so we’re guessing that’s like community service hours here in the US. In addition, the court ordered him to completely 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and pay just £250. We think he got off a little light.

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