Las Vegas Airport Is A Big Cadillac Escalade Hunting Ground

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Many airport parking garages and lots have become hunting grounds for car thieves, including Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. According to a local report, police are investigating a surge in theft which has been targeting luxury models like Cadillac Escalades.

Florida men caught stealing Jeep headlights in airport parking.

KLAS says at least 10 luxury vehicles, several of them Escalades, have been stolen from both of the terminal garages since the middle of April. The concern is if someone doesn’t put a stop to the trend, it might get worse and even spread.

We’ve seen thefts spin out of control in one area of a city, then spread like a cancer to other areas. Las Vegas has struggled with car thefts over the past few years, like many other cities, so we’re sure authorities there are eager to stamp this trend out.

Sadly, Harry Reid International Airport has been a car theft hunting ground for years. We were able to dig up quite a few reports about problems over the years, including a video from a year ago we’ve included.

The investigative reporter found that the security measures in the airport parking garages weren’t always functioning properly. Even if they are, a lot of thieves don’t care and have found ways to get around them.

Like we said before, thieves love hunting in airport parking. We know it’s convenient and nice to take your own car to the airport, but we suggest forgoing that and taking an Uber or hitching a ride with a friend or family member.

Thieves know cars sit at airports for days at a time. That gives them plenty of opportunity to get into your ride, get it started, and disable the factory GPS so it can’t be tracked. And that’s why we recommend having a secondary tracker, like an Apple AirTag.

If all this makes you paranoid, good. Airport parking is a bad place to leave your car, especially for days at a time.

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