Dodge Charger Fleeing Police Tries Pushing A Garbage Truck Out Of The Way

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Plum Crazy, that’s how we’d describe the Dodge Charger and its driver in this police chase out of Los Angeles. The suspect was pulling all kinds of interesting moves while trying to slip away from police, even trying to use the Mopar muscle car to push a garbage truck out of the way.

Watch a Dodge Charger take to the sidewalks in NYC to outmaneuver the cops.

In one of the weirder endings to a police chase we’ve seen in a hot minute, the allegedly stolen Charger cruises along a residential street as the driver casually tries parallel parking on the side of the road.

Maybe he was thinking he’d just blend in with all the other cars, but a Plum Crazy paint job is going to ensure that would never happen. Perhaps realizing this, the guy suddenly reverses into a driveway, pushes his way past several police units, and makes his way onto the next street.

That’s where he faces the greatest obstacle: a stopped garbage truck next to a parked car, sealing off the street. He couldn’t drive up onto the sidewalk like he did before because there are fences right along the border, so the big Mopar won’t fit.

The guy does the only sensible thing to car thieves, who aren’t known for their intelligence, and tries pushing the garbage truck with the muscle car. While a Charger can weigh over 5,000 lbs., the curb weight on a garbage truck can be around 33,000 lbs.

There’s just no contest between the two. Even if you don’t know the hard numbers, you likely already knew a Charger can’t outmuscle a garbage truck. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

Wedging the Dodge between the garbage truck and a Fiat, the guy can’t even open his door. He has to climb out the window. And that’s when we see the fanny pack – that explains everything.

Los Angeles is a wild place.

Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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