Mustang Thief Flees Police Using Expert Driving Skills

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While car theft is on the rise in recent years, it’s important to look back at past cases and see how trends have evolved or not. This chase involving a Ford Mustang in Oklahoma City, perhaps in the late 90s or early 2000s, shows that driving skills make catching a fleeing thief far harder for the police.

Check out the fancy moves this Infiniti driver pulled while running from police.

By the time the news gets a helicopter over the chase so we can see it in all that glorious low resolution video, it’s apparently been going on for about 40 minutes. Thankfully, the chopper crew was able to capture the end of the pursuit when this Mustang driver really got fancy.

It’s probably a good thing most criminals don’t know how to drive like this guy. We have to wonder if he had some racing or stunt driving experience, because most people don’t know how to handle a vehicle like this suspect.

As a result, he puts up a real fight even once Oklahoma Highway Patrol finally catches up. The guy uses a heavy truck as a barrier to fend them off at first, gets spun around by a PIT only to spin himself back to his original position all without wrecking out, then he does it again, leaving the newscasters speechless.

One of the troopers gets the brilliant idea to PIT the Mustang so it hits the retaining wall on the right shoulder. That keeps the guy from just flipping the muscle car around yet again. However, he throws the transmission in reverse, then leaves the roadway into a green area once there’s a break in the wall, then spins back around and continues on a surface street.

It’s like the guy just can’t be stopped, although troopers do finally bring the Mustang to a halt, pull the guy out, and cuff him on the ground. We sure hope this guy got a job as a stunt driver in Hollywood after he got out of jail, because wow.

Check out the footage for yourself, it’s incredible.

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