Two Face Dodge Charger Rams Innocent Bystander During Police Chase

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For some weird reason, a shocking number of guys who try running from police own a car with unique cosmetic touches. Whether it’s a gold-wrapped Cadillac Escalade or, in this case, a Dodge Charger which is half black and half red like something Batman villain Two Face would drive, we just find it oh so foolish.

Man shoots carjacker who then kills him.

If you’re going to try running from police and you have a car that looks like no other, your chances of getting away diminish greatly. Maybe these guys think they’re just so good that their enlarged ego powers the engine, thus making it impossible for cops to run them down.

In this case, what you don’t see before the dashcam footage starts is this Charger doing a burnout on a public road in Atlanta, local police seeing it, then alerting a trooper sitting further down the street.

So the suspect, who’s in a unique-looking Mopar, rolls up right next to the ASP unit and tries to act cool as traffic is stopped at the light. But just as it starts rolling, the trooper turns on his lights and that’s when the real show starts.

Even as another cop rolls up and tries blocking this Two Face or Joker or whichever Batman villain he is in, the guy decides to unleash the fury of his Mopar and dash through the twisting, winding streets of Atlanta.

The thing is this guy can’t really bring it. Sure, his sedan makes some noise when he steps on the accelerator, but it doesn’t accelerate like a Hellcat. The trooper keeps up no problem, even with traffic, and he gets trapped at a red light.

That’s when this fool decides to push the crossover that’s stopped in front of him out of the way. Chargers are hippos, that’s for sure, but they’re not as dense as this suspect’s head. He proves just how dumb he is with a close call while blowing through the next red light.

Seeing how sloppy of a driver he is as well, it’s not surprising he wrecks out shortly after. We feel bad for the people he hit, but this guy deserves all that’s coming to him and maybe more.

Gotham, we mean Atlanta, sure is a wild place.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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