Stolen Dodge Hellcat Used In Street Takeover, Then Stripped

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We hate that it’s true, but criminals are drawn to Dodge Challengers and Chargers like a moth to the flame. This means many of them are stolen, and one of the reasons why is so thieves can have some fun with them in street takeovers. That’s exactly what happened with a freshly stolen Hellcat in Kansas City, a fact which seems shocking to the local news.

Police in Seattle are getting ready to crack down on street takeovers.

We’ve been warning for some time that many of the cars used in street takeovers are in fact stolen. That, we believe, is behind the trend of torching some during the illegal events. It also explains why the participants don’t mind trashing their rides.

A camera crew for Fox4 caught the Dodge Challenger Hellcat doing donuts in a street for a small, impromptu takeover, not realizing at the time it had just been stolen. With unique cosmetic mods, the distinct car was quickly identified by the rightful owner.

But armed with over 700-horsepower, the thief was able to outrun police in Kansas City. We’ve shown how Hellcats are essentially impossible for cops to chase down, unless they too have a Hellcat or the suspect can’t drive to save their life.

We have to agree completely with what the owner of the Hellcat told Fox4 on camera, that the street takeover crowd is “ruining the car community.” They’re giving us all a bad name, making the normies think we’re all a bunch of idiots who like doing donuts in shut-down intersections. That isn’t what the main core of car enthusiasts like, not by a long shot.

In fact, the street takeover dorks aren’t car enthusiasts at all. Some try acting like they are, but real gearheads don’t act like they do.

Sadly, that Hellcat, like so many other stolen Mopar muscle cars, was finally recovered, or at least what was left of it was found by police. These thieves have their fun, then strip and dump the leftovers, because ultimately it’s a business to them.

Image via Fox4 News Kansas City/YouTube

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