Far Left German Group Has Declared War On Cars

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 Far left ecological activists in Germany have taken credit for recent attacks on cars and electric vehicle charging stations. Their end goal is to discourage not only the use of SUVs, which they seem to loathe, as well as EVs, but to eradicate private car usage so people will use mass transit instead.

Paris has slapped crossovers with fat vehicle fees.

Just like in many Western countries like the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, Germany has been subjected to the childish antics of tire deflators. These activists tend to target SUVs parked on urban roads at night, letting the air out of the tires and leaving a lecturing note under the windshield wiper blade. But that no longer seems to be enough.

In a shocking report from German news site Focus, the torching of multiple cars, including Porsches and Teslas, in different parts of the country are detailed. This month, the activists escalated things by also burning two EV charging stations, as well as two Teslas, then hopping online to post a letter claiming responsibility for those and other attacks.

What’s surprising to many is the letter’s attacks on Elon Musk and Tesla. Among the grievances listed against Musk is him supposedly supporting wars through the Starlink satellite internet service, alleged ground water pollution and exploitative work conditions at the Gigafactory outside of Berlin, and Teslas “militarizing our streets” because the external cameras record activity around them.

The letter celebrates “that more SUVs were destroyed in Berlin in 2023 than ever before.” It concludes by declaring that an escalation is coming. The authors feel destroying personal vehicles in big numbers will cause people to rethink public transit and its benefits.

We’re hardly surprised by these events. While people have been rightfully shocked and angry about the tire deflator activists, we knew that kind of activity would lead to full-on vehicle destruction. Our fear is this movement won’t stop there as these eco terrorists seek to achieve their radical agenda by any means possible.

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