Stolen Hellcat Leads Texas Police On Chase

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The old saying of don’t bring a knife to a gunfight holds true when it comes to running from the cops, which is why the Dodge Hellcat is a good getaway vehicle. We’re not advocating running from police, but time and again we’ve seen how those who can actually handle the power are able to use Hellcats to effectively ditch officers in their far slower vehicles. That’s what happened in a chase involving multiple Texas law enforcement agencies recently.

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According to the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office, the chase began in the town of Corrigan and ended in Lufkin, about 25 miles away. To go that far with members of 5 law enforcement agencies chasing you down is admittedly impressive, again showing the power of a Dodge Charger Hellcat in the hands of a capable driver.

While Angelina County Sheriff’s deputies were able to pursue the suspects in the Hellcat to Lufkin city limits, it sounds like the driver of the muscle car easily ditched them in the twisting, winding municipal roads. Deputies finally located the Dodge at the local Family Crisis Center where it was abandoned.

Again, this just shows your selection of getaway vehicle is critical in actually getting away from the police. Few match the power of the Hellcat. In this case, these guys didn’t have a great plan for when they eventually had to ditch the muscle car. Angelina County Sheriff’s Office says deputies conducted a “brief manhunt” in the nearby woods, finding Dandre Theus, a 25-year-old of Shreveport, LA and Demarcus Clements, a 32-year-old also of Shreveport, LA. They probably tried hiding and a K9 found them easily.

To nobody’s surprise, the Dodge Hellcat these two suspects were in was reported stolen out of Tennessee. Now police think they’ve been stealing cars in multiple states, probably as part of a theft ring. These two were hit with two third-degree felony charges with possibly more coming. And that’s why we say don’t run from the cops, even if you do have a Hellcat.

Photo via Angelina County Sheriff’s Office

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