Stolen Car Strolls Around The Mall

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It’s starting to look like movies and TV shows have gotten to the thieves that plague all spots of the automotive world. From stealing cop cars to extraordinarily expensive vehicles, we’ve pretty much seen it all nowadays. However, up until recently, there really hasn’t been anything that stood out as completely unrealistic. That was until two suspected car thieves rammed a stolen car through the front door of a shopping mall. Why did they do it?

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While it seems like a ludicrous idea, it’s actually pretty ingenious if you think about it because of the quick design the whole process was planned out. Essentially, one guy was supposed to drive in and the other would hop out to grab stuff and bring it back to the car. Because they were in a stolen vehicle, there was no hard evidence leading the police back to the criminals so, unless they left some evidence in the car, that’d be a bust for cops if they pursued the car for evidence.

On top of that, the two are barely seen on camera and ended up taking a lot of stuff long before anyone had time to even notice. Because this all took place in Canada, its ok to laugh at it. All jokes aside, it looks like an odd strategy from the outside but when you examine the broader point of view it is wildly smart in a very convoluted way. That means that this heist, of sorts, was all planned out from the beginning which means there may even be a paper trail and string of related crimes leading up to the event. For now, that’s for the Onterio police to hopefully find. 

And by the way, don’t steal stuff.

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