Police Arrest Repeat Offender “WILL RUN” Mustang Driver for Narcotics Possession

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In a recent operation by the Live Oak Police Department, a frequently evading driver was apprehended with narcotics in his possession. The arrest came after an officer recognized the distinctive white Ford Mustang, known for its absence of a rear bumper and Texas license plate with the phrase “WILL RUN,” a vehicle that had previously escaped law enforcement encounters in Live Oak on several occasions.

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During the incident on Sunday, the officer noticed that the Mustang had non-functional tail lights and an obscured license plate. The situation escalated when, after running a red light, the Mustang driver attempted to elude the officer. In a bold maneuver, the driver turned around and drove back towards the officer, seemingly taunting him, before fleeing once again.

The pursuit came to a conclusion later that day when the driver returned home, where he was subsequently located and taken into custody by the Live Oak Police. A search of the vehicle unearthed narcotics and drug paraphernalia, leading to the driver’s arrest.

Following the discovery, the driver was transported to the Live Oak Police Department, in accordance with departmental policy. The incident underscores the persistent efforts of the Live Oak Police in curbing law evasion and drug-related offenses within the community. The arrest of the “WILL RUN” Mustang driver marks a significant operation, dismantling the bold attempts to defy law enforcement while addressing the issue of narcotics circulation in the area.

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