Suspect Wanted By US Marshals Tries Running From Arkansas Trooper

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If you’re running from the law, maybe even have the US Marshals looking for you, one of the worst vehicles you could be driving is an old Chevy Trailblazer. They’re big, which means easy to spot. And they’re slow. And they’re not great at off-roading, if you want to try losing cops that way.

Chevy Silverado driver learns Arkansas troopers aren’t playing around.

But this guy not only goes rolling around Arkansas in one with mismatched wheels, which alone should be a crime, once a trooper spots him he think he’s going to outrun Arkansas State Police. Some people just don’t get it, like at all.

The suspect thinks he’s Wile E. Coyote or something, because he does the dumb trick of waiting until the trooper gets out of his patrol car before taking off. Maybe if he were in a Hellcat that would help, but he’s in a lumbering Trailblazer.

Despite the challenges which are obvious to everyone but our lovely suspect, the guy sends it and makes that hippopotamus Chevy work for all it’s worth.

Speeding through a neighborhood, blowing through multiple stop signs, the guy catches a little bit of air a few times as he goes way too fast for conditions or his Trailblazer. We’re pretty sure even brand new the SUV would’ve struggled with such maneuvers, but old and poorly maintained, it’s a miracle the thing doesn’t tip over and catch on fire immediately.

Still, the guy can’t shake the Arkansas trooper. Few can, even when armed with a high-powered American muscle car. Perhaps realizing his time is up and not wanting to take his chances with the inevitable PIT, he gives up on the Chevy and tries making it on foot.

Let’s just say he was better off in the hippopotamus. Now he gets a nice cozy cell.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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