Woman Buys Dream Car And The Repo Man Later Takes It

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Imagine finally buying the car of your dreams, only to have a repo man show up at your house after demanding you hand it over. That’s what one Viriginia woman experienced, and an increasing number of people are falling into a similar trap. It’s just one more pitfall for used car shoppers to avoid.

Learn why a man abandoned his beloved project car.

That woman in Virginia found a Porsche Macan of her dreams, meeting with the seller, who presented a clean title with no leans, reports NBC4. So she went ahead with the purchase, borrowing $25,000 from her bank, thinking she got a great deal.

But that good feeling quickly evaporated 19 months after the purchase. The woman says she made all her payments on time, even paying extra, all in an effort to pay off the Porsche early. When a repo man showed up at her house and took the crossover while she was asleep, she was understandably shocked.

For weeks, the woman couldn’t get a straight story on why the Porsche was taken. All she knew was her bank said she was current on the loan.

With the help of NBC4, the woman learned the vehicle was still under the seller’s name. In other words, the title she was shown, which had zero leans, wasn’t accurate. The guy bought the crossover in 2020 and allegedly only made three payments on it before going delinquent.

What’s really crazy is the Virginia DMV didn’t catch that the Pennsylvania title for the Porsche Macan was fraudulent. We’ve seen this before with what’s called “washed titles” even though everyone assumes their state’s DMV would catch such a thing.

In this case there was a happy ending, with the lender who ordered the Porsche repossessed releasing it to the new owner. And it sounds like they’re now weighing legal action against the guy who fraudulently sold the Macan, although it sounds like law enforcement isn’t interested in pressing criminal charges, which is concerning.  

But this kind of outcome is a rarity. Usually, the person who got defrauded loses the car and has to fight to get the money they paid for it back.

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