Fleeing Woman Claims Her Car Has No Brakes

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Caught going over 100 mph in a 60 mph zone, a woman led Florida troopers on quite the chase. Once they finally stopped her, she started telling an unbelievable story about how the brakes on her car had gone out. Even though she put countless lives at risk, it’s hard to not laugh at the utter stupidity of her trying to weasel out of consequences.

Police are desperately searching for a young woman who might have been killed during a street takeover.

When the first trooper to try pulling her over gives chase in the dashcam footage, she weaves through traffic like crazy, risking many close calls, basically ignoring all road markings and the general wellbeing of everyone all in an effort to lose the fuzz.

That doesn’t work, so she exits the highway and tries surface streets. Blasting through red lights, threading through heavier traffic, she’s able to hang up the trooper some as he tries to not cause a serious crash yet still keep up with the fleeing vehicle.

As the trooper uses his superior driving skills to close the gap, she flips a U-turn, then snakes through the twisting, winding streets at breakneck speeds. But she just can’t quite shake her pursuer.

We somehow don’t think someone who’s terrified as the brakes on their car have gone out would drive quite so deliberately. Unless the car also has a stuck accelerator, it wouldn’t be careening out of control at such high speeds, either.

Not only does this woman have a crappy excuse, she has a crappy Hyundai as a getaway car. We don’t want to give tips to criminals, but it amazes us how many people think their four-banger Korean sedan is the fastest thing on the road because everyone else drives responsibly (yes, we’re talking about you, Kia Stinger drivers).

This woman should’ve just taken the L once she was caught speeding. Instead, she tried to tango with FHP and learned a hard lesson, or maybe she learned nothing at all.

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