Wrong-Way Honda Civic Driver Kills Dodge Challenger Driver

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As we’ve shown before, even if you drive defensively and follow all the traffic rules, another driver who is behaving recklessly can cost you your life. That’s what appears to have happened in this wrong-way crash involving a speeding Honda Civic which slammed head-on into a Dodge Challenger, killing both drivers.

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According to OnScene TV, the red Honda Civic was driving northbound on the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 starting from the Mexican border. That driver pushed the little car to high speeds by the time it reached Chula Vista, colliding nose-to-nose with a Dodge Challenger.

As you can see from the aftermath, both vehicles were obliterated. Authorities say the Mopar burst into flames. While the front end didn’t sustain heavy damages, all down the driver’s side is a mangled mess. The scorch marks appear worst in the rear, with all the paint burned off, right where the gas tank is located, leading us to conclude that’s where the fire was concentrated.

The Civic’s front end looks to have essentially disintegrated, the engine sitting on the pavement in front of the mangled Honda.

Wrong-way collisions can be particularly deadly since crash forces multiply. This is why police will often go to extreme measures to stop wrong-way drivers, knowing they can cause a fatal accident.

In this case, we don’t know if intoxication was a factor in the Honda Civic driver’s actions, but it certainly seems like a possibility. It’s also incredible the car was able to make it all the way to Chula Vista without crashing.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Dodge Challenger paid the ultimate price. This is why just driving defensively isn’t always enough. Sometimes you have to be aggressively defensive and anticipate the unexpected.

Image via ONSCENE TV/YouTube

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