A Dodge Challenger Is Terrorizing NYC Residents Using Animal Sounds

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We see stories all the time of people being offended or downright irate at hearing a muscle car’s burbling, growling exhaust. To us that’s one of the sweetest sounds on the planet, but some people have no joy. But there’s a Dodge Challenger in an area of New York City that’s terrorizing people by playing loud animal sounds as it drives around.

A cop’s typo allegedly leads to a father and daughter being held at gunpoint.

The New York Post calls the Mopar muscle car “elusive” as residents have tried figuring out who owns and drives it. We think this is absolutely hilarious. Far too many people these days are uptight and no fun. People need to relax and laugh a little.

For now, the Challenger has only been reported driving around Roosevelt Island blaring mooing, barking, and other animal sounds over a speaker. People are sick of it since the guy who’s doing this seems to be striking at random in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

One person who spoke to the New York Post seems to think the whole thing is awful. “It was probably funny in the beginning to some people, but I always thought it was just rude.”

Boy, New Yorkers sure have some nerve calling anyone else rude.

Since the black Dodge has dark tinted windows, people can’t see who’s inside. The muscle car sports “NY” graphics on the rocker panels and the secondary headlights glow red, plus there are graphics on the windows we can’t quite make out. Whoever owns the Mopar takes great pride in it.

This animal-obsessed Dodge Challenger has reportedly been striking with random sounds while driving Main Street for the last two years. Some want the cops to arrest the guy and impound the vehicle. We say let the man have his fun.

Image via roosevelt Islander/YouTube

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