Old Mercedes Shows It’s Still Fast And Tough

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Old Mercedes-Benz sedans are funny things. They look so prim and proper many people think none of them have any real performance chops. But for those who know, some models are wolves in sheep’s clothing. That’s what we have in this Georgia police chase and boy, does the old girl fly down the highway.

Watch Georgia police chase a McLaren 720S.

Before the dashcam footage starts, Atlanta police had already clocked the Mercedes pushing 125 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-85 North. Unable to catch up with the sedan made for traveling the Autobahn, APD put out a call for assistance and Georgia State Patrol answered.

Our camera car realizes he’s likely in the pathway of the fleeing suspect, so he pulls over on a gore point between the GA 400N and the Lenox Road off-ramp to see which way the Mercedes goes.

And boy does it go! The older Mercedes just flies past the trooper like a bat out of hell, cutting around a full-size SUV to make the exit at high speed. Since these were made for going well into the triple digits on highways, they’re quite stable and comfortable.

This means the trooper has his work cut out for him. Fortunately for him, the suspect enters a turn off the exit a little too hot, perhaps not knowing the street there well, and clips a wall.

But the suspect does quite well blasting down city streets, blowing red lights and not letting up. That leaves the trooper as the sole pursuit vehicle as everyone else gets left in the dust. The guy’s going so fast the Mercedes’ chassis keeps shooting showers of sparks.

As the chase gets back on the highway, the trooper does a brutal PIT. But these old Mercedes are tough as nails. Not only do we see no apparent crash damage on it, the suspect is able to spin the sedan around and just keep going like it’s no big deal.

A second even more brutal PIT has about the same result. The Mercedes is a tank – after all, Dodge Chargers are heavy and the push bar usually brutalizes suspects’ vehicles.

When another GSP cruiser tries to do a third PIT, the suspect outmaneuvers it and shoots between his two pursuers. But the camera car hits his rear quarter panel so hard you can hear the trooper yell out in pain as his brain slams against his skull.

The two troopers pin the Mercedes in after quite the struggle and more backup arrives. Proving he’s just as tough as his car, the owner refuses to get out and is tased, then pulled through his broken window.

This is what happens when an immovable object meets and unstoppable force.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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