K9 Becka Catches Car Thieves Quickly

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An integral part of police forces, K9 officers can be especially helpful in finding car thieves who think they’re being super clever bailing, running, and hiding at the end of a chase. They better hope Becka of the Banks County Sheriff’s Office isn’t on their trail, literally, after she found four suspects and evidence they tossed in just 15 minutes, which is impressive.

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With her handler getting items for four separate scents from the abandoned stolen car, the K9 Bloodhound got to work. Deputies couldn’t locate the suspects after they ran into an overgrown field, but Becka immediately found a shoe one of them lost and in short order the first suspect.

Becka located the second suspect in a wooded area and a third in a briar patch, with the fourth suspect just feet away from the third one. She made sniffing out bad guys look easy.

One suspect got away from Becka since the sheriff’s office called off the search as the scent led along a highway shoulder. However, law enforcement located that person walking along the road and made an arrest, so ultimately nobody got away.

While K9s like Becka are key in locating lost children or sniffing out stashes of drugs, they’re also pivotal in situations like tracking down car thieves after they dip out of the stolen vehicle. Bloodhounds are famously good at tracking and so have been heavily favored by law enforcement agencies which need excellent scent dogs.

As for Becka, she’s extra good at her job. According to Scent Evidence K9, this good girl and her handler, Cpl. Josh Pressley, have found 19 subjects since completing the scent discriminate training course offered by Scent Evidence K9. We’d say these two make for an excellent team and hope they catch many more car thieves in their tenure.

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