Ohio Classic Muscle Car Chop Shop Busted By Police

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We don’t have kind feelings toward car thieves in general, but we think people who steal classic muscle cars and chop them up to sell the parts off are even worse. That’s exactly the kind of operation police in Rocky River, Ohio say they busted recently.

Angry Texas man gets his stolen Camaro back himself.

What led to the bust was the theft of two classics: a 1966 Chevy Impala Convertible, and a 1970 Pontiac GTO. Upon investigating the disappearances of the two vehicles, police immediately found in a storage facility surveillance footage of the two rides being stolen.

After receiving a solid tip about the two classic cars, investigators were able to track the hot rides down to a property in Cleveland, tucked away where they couldn’t easily be seen. Sadly, when police raided the property, the GTO had already been mostly chopped up.

However, the Impala, a beloved family car, hadn’t been touched. The owner of that Chevy expressed his gratitude for police getting his baby back, remarking how it’s a car his son rode in as a baby and drove to prom in high school.

This is why we think people who steal classic cars and chop them up are awful. For many, their classic ride isn’t just some valuable piece of machinery. There’s a lot of sentimental value wrapped up in them. Many plan to keep the vehicle until they die, passing it on to one of their kids or a grandchild to be cherished by the family long term.

Thieves don’t care about people’s feelings; they just care about money. There’s something twisted and wrong about taking something beloved by a family and ruining it just to make a quick buck. We hope the people involved with this chop shop get the punishments they deserve and that they don’t return to this kind of life, although we know the likelihood of that is sadly low.

On the bright side, police believe this operation has been going for a while, so busting the chop shop perhaps will help close quite a few stolen car cases in the area. Plus, it means there are fewer thieves out looking to separate families from their beloved rides. That’s a win.

Source and images: News 5 Cleveland

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