What’s Up With The Stickers On This Fleeing Suburban?

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Police chase videos can be pretty crazy stuff to watch. Granted, some are more interesting than others, but some of the weirdest ones we see are out of Florida. That really shouldn’t be a surprise given it’s the land of meth-addled gators. But this one featuring a fleeing Chevy Suburban with some rather interesting stickers adorning the back window really has us puzzled.

Kid seems to be pretty pleased with himself after destroying a car while running from police.

Sure, the skull sticker right in the middle of the back window looks like something any hooligan or military veteran might put on their car. But if you look at the lower driver’s side of the window you see an NRA membership sticker. Now, if you don’t know anything about guns other than they weigh as much as 10 moving boxes and high-capacity clips are deadly, you probably think that isn’t odd at all. But knowing the type of people who usually have these stickers, well we’re mystified.

But it gets even more puzzling when you see the Thin Blue Line sticker just below it. At least we’re pretty sure that’s a blue and not a red line on the American flag. If it’s red then well that just explains everything, doesn’t it? But why would someone who’s so pro law enforcement be running from cops like this?

A lot of the other stickers aren’t as easy to read, but there’s one last piece to the puzzle: a Sasquatch sticker. That just kind of wraps everything up with a nice little bow on top. After all, the only people who have those stickers on their car are rabid conspiracy theorists and we know they all will run from the cops at the drop of a hat.

Now watch this Florida deputy PIT the old Chevy Suburban and arrest the suspect under threat of getting bit by the good boy K9 partner of his.

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