Suspect Crashes Into Train While Fleeing Police

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Michigan State Police ran a license plate on a Lincoln Town Car and it returned as the registered owner having a felony warrant. Usually, suspects like that don’t just pull over and give up and this time was no exception. But troopers weren’t prepared for the ultimate outcome of this wild chase.

Men faked interest in Ferrari to steal it at gunpoint.

Some people probably think these full-size luxury sedans are about as docile as a fat cat sitting in the sun. They certainly can be driven that way, but they’re not a gutless wonder like some little Hyundai. And while they’re not some ultra performance machine, you can see in this chase the Lincoln does put up quite the fight.

As an aside it’s hilarious how the trooper over the radio calls the Town Car a Cadillac. We know they haven’t been made for a while, but we see these kinds of misidentifications by police fairly often, which sometimes has bad outcomes.

Speaking of bad outcomes, in his haste to get away from police, this suspect blasts toward the railroad tracks in town. What he doesn’t realize until it’s too late is there’s a long train passing through. Avoiding a full-on frontal collision, our suspect swerves right but the big Lincoln doesn’t exactly handle like a sports car, so it still slams into the train, crumpling the car’s hood.

But wait, the fun isn’t done. With the front end of the Town Car caught on one of the train cars, it and the suspect get pulled along for the ride. Troopers try following along on foot and it’s a good thing they do because the train spits out the Lincoln like a used piece of gum.

For some reason, the suspect doesn’t seem grateful he didn’t die after that brush with the train.

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