Cranking Donuts In Stolen Jeep Leads To Arrest

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A Kentucky man was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly was caught “cranking donuts” in a stolen Jeep. Ironically, the man was allegedly doing this at a rehab center and his booking photo looks like he should’ve stayed inside instead.

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Lest you think “cranking donuts” is some hip new term for doing some sort of drugs, it’s apparently what people in Kentucky call “ripping donuts” or “turning donuts” where you turn tight circles in a car, sometimes producing a lot of tire smoke.

As originally reported by Fox 56, an arrest citation for 52-year-old John Phelps, he was seen “flying” up and down the road nearby the rehab center in McCreary County where he was also caught “cranking donuts.” When deputies pulled him over, Phelps allegedly told them, “Yes I am under the influence.” At least the guy was honest.

Not shockingly, he then failed a field sobriety test, during which he laughed about drinking and smoking beforehand. Allegedly, Phelps stole the Jeep he was driving earlier in the day. This all sounds like a Falling Down type moment, like the guy just snapped and decided to do everything wrong. And now he’s paying the price.  

Also, Phelps was so hammered he allegedly told deputies he wouldn’t do a blood draw since the government was apparently closed. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way.

While ripping some donuts can be fun, we recommend you do so sober on property where you have permission to drive that way and in a vehicle you either own or have permission from the owner to drive (especially in that manner). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some fun in a car, we love to do just that, but you can’t break the law several ways while doing it and expect to escape all consequences.

Image via Knox County Detention Center

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